Confindustria Ucraina - About us

Confindustria Ucraina was established in April 2018 on the initiative of a group of industrialists, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and consultants willing to commit their skills and energies in order to create favourable conditions for the development of business, also by means of collective actions and business networking within the reality of Confindustria.

On July 26, 2018, the Association was honoured to receive the recognition as International Territorial Representation from the Presidency Council of Confindustria, thus adhering to the network of Confindustria Est Europa.

The Association adopts Confindustria's Code of Ethics and Associative Values and, at the time of its establishment, designates its governance as follows:

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Marco Toson


Born in 1967, Marco has been working for over twenty years in the business brokerage and construction sectors, mainly abroad. He held a variety of positions within the Association of Small and Medium-sized Industries of the Province of Padua: from President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group in 1997 to Deputy Vice President with delegation to export from 2007 to today. He deeply knows the Ukrainian market where he has been working for more than fifteen years, thus developing important relationships with the local business and institutions.
On February 24, 2012 he was appointed Honorary Consul of Ukraine for the regions of Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
Since 2016, he has also been President of the Italian representation of the National Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine. In 2018, together with a group of entrepreneurs, he established Confindustria Ucraina.

Domenico Iovine

Vice President with delegation for relations with Confindustria and Sistema Italia

Born in 1959, he graduated with honors at the University of Naples, Faculty of Economics and Business, and in 1985 he qualified as a Certified Public Accountant. His professional career is aimed at advising and assisting companies in terms of participation in public tenders, with particular attention to the design and implementation of quality management systems according to ISO standards, later including environmental management systems and those relating to health and safety at work. He then opened a business in Milan and began to deal with projects related to the participation of companies in international tenders and the implementation of investment programs within the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe affected by EU enlargement from 2004 up to the present day. He settled in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria), where he opened an office in 2012.

Michele Sgarbossa

Vice President with delegation for relations with companies

Lawyer and founder in 2000 of a law firm divided into different departments, Michele Sgarbossa deals with strategic advisory for companies, teaching the basic principles of sound management. He also advises companies on adequate organizational structure, appropriate contracts, attention to relations with employees and collaborators, management of relations with credit institutions and preparation for internationalization. It is thanks to these skills that he acquired a particular expertise in the world of Real Estate, towards which he has grown a great interest and in which he is also directly involved through careful advisory activities. He has been training commercial agents, entrepreneurs, and employees for more than 20 years.

Pasquale Maria Cioffi

Vice President with delegation for Communication and Membership Development

He is an entrepreneur and freelancer with thirty years of experience in the field of innovation support, corporate communication, institutional relations, and international projects. After graduating in business economics, he became a Certified Public Accountant, and a professional partner of FERPI, as well as of several business consulting companies. Besides being author and editor of several essays, he founded Mifaccioimpresa, and holds the position of President of Tour du Monde and co-founder in Ukraine of "Italiano Vero Ltd". From 2009 to 2014, he served as Central Director of the Province of Milan, Director of the South Milan Agricultural Park, General Manager of Afol Milan and representative of the Province during Expo.

Graziano Benedetto

Chief Executive

He is an ordinary lawyer licensed in Italy and enrolled in the Bar Association of Foggia, and a member of the Bar Association of the Poltava macro-region in Ukraine. Licensed to practice law in Italy and authorized in Ukraine, he is the lawyer of the Italian Embassy in Kiev and of the Ukrainian Consulate of Tre Venezie in Italy, as well as the Italian referent for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Poltava. He holds a PhD in international law, he is an assistant to the Council of the International Criminal Court and is enrolled in the register the International Criminal Court’s lawyers. He heads an international law firm for Ukraine called Legalgb Law Firm.

Est Europa

Confindustria Est Europa, initially structured as “Confindustria Balcani”, was established in October 2010 to offer Italian entrepreneurs a new and transnational approach in this region.

The philosophy behind Confindustria Est Europa is that there are many social, economic, cultural and systemic characteristics that characterize the countries of Eastern Europe, aspects that make them interdependent and closely linked. Precisely for this reason, following the expansive dynamics of entrepreneurial associations in the Balkans in the last 20 years, it proposes itself as a collector of the needs of Italian companies that look with interest to this geographical area. Overall, through a network of associations in individual countries, it brings together more than 1,000 Italian companies that have decided to operate and develop their economic activities in the region.